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Our website is a yachts finder - locator in Greece. Every summer Greece has millions of visitors coming, to make their vacation in this beautiful country. Yachting in Greece is very popular due to the numerous islands of the Aegean and Ionian Sea. The way to charter a yacht in Greece is simple, just google "yachting in Greece" and there you go with millions of results. Our website is not one of them, we do NOT charter yachts, and we (unfortunately) don't own any. We just forward your request to the yacht owners, who have contact us and want to have direct charter with the clients. Save money and time by chartering a yacht directly from the owner. All you have to do is fill in our form! Our Website will do the rest. Our form automatically sends your yacht request to no less than 3 yacht owners, according to your request. You should expect answers very soon, maybe the same day or a day after. Try it out, its free!
E-charter in yacht sales.
Sell your yacht by adding a listing to our yacht advertisments for free.
For security reasons, our website does not allow users to publish ads, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details and we will do the rest.

Choose the Catamaran you prefer and live your best sailing experience from destination to destination at your leisure. The Argosaronic golf beautiful & unique destination in Greece with sandy beaches, landscapes, villages, monasteries & churches. The CYCLADES ISLAND This magical word brings to mind winding beaches with crystal clear blue waters, relaxation, beautiful blue skies and hospitable and welcoming people. The IONIAN - Beautiful beaches, large mansions, Venetian castles and traditional stoned paths all combine to make a wonderful and romantic scenery that takes you back in time. THE DODECANISE are a group of islands with unique beauty and great history that you will surely fall in love with.

Here you will enjoy unforgettable sailing vacation under the hot summer sun in Greece!


altE-CHARTER Greece, a company for worldwide yacht charter, boat rental and boats for rent has charter boats and charter yachts of all kinds for you - catamarans,sailboats, motorsailers and powerboats - cheap or exclusive. Rent a boat in the loveliest water areas of Greece there are boats and yachts available for every taste. Use our website luxury boat rental list.CONTACT US  ANY  TIME


We are proud to inform you that our website managed to have a 10% discount, from 2 yacht owners, for chartering sailing yachts. The discount is for every season and every sailing yacht. All other yacht chartering discounts, due to early booking etc, do not have any effect on your 10% discount for using e-charter!   

The e-charter team.

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